What comes with The GradCentric Student Loan Plan?

If you’re struggling to manage your student loans, you’ve come to the right place. Our GradCentric student loan plan will uncover the right path forward.

The GradCentric student loan plan includes:

  • An initial call to discuss your situation
  • A professional student loan analysis from a credentialed expert
  • A presentation of the results on a Zoom call
  • A written plan for you to keep

We encourage you to invite others into the process, for example, a spouse or financial advisor. In fact, our firm specializes in working with financial professionals including CPAs, financial advisors, and financial planners to integrate student loan planning into your overall financial plan.

How much does The GradCentric Student Loan Plan cost?

Other firms charge outlandish fees or charge you based on the student loan balance. We charge a flat fee of $750 for a student loan analysis. This includes all of the items outlined above including an initial call (if desired), our expert analysis, and a follow-up presentation on Zoom with a written plan.

I’m sold. How do I sign up?

Email us to start the process. We will send you an engagement letter and intake form to fill out. After that, we will create your custom student loan plan and schedule a follow-up presentation call. You will leave with a PDF plan that’s yours to keep.